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Why Drunk Drivers Cause So Many Crashes

 Posted on November 30, 2023 in Blog Post

IL DUI lawyerThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that drunk driving leads to one death on the road every 39 minutes. This adds up to many lost lives every year and a growing concern over drunk driving and the resulting crashes. 

When a driver is intoxicated, they are more susceptible to impaired judgment, slowed reaction times, and decreased coordination. These factors have been known to significantly contribute to a higher likelihood of crashes, which can be risky to both the driver and other road users in Park Ridge and the whole of Illinois.

Drunk driving can cause significant property damage and severe injuries. Victims need dedicated legal representation to help them seek compensation for their injuries and losses. If you have been a victim of drunk driving, a Glenview car accident attorney can help you file a personal injury claim. 

DUI Accidents Are Often Deadly

Driving under the influence (DUI) accidents are known to cause some of the deadly crashes. According to a study by the University of Chicago, drunk drivers are 13 times more likely to cause a deadly accident compared to non-drunk drivers. 

The reason for this high likelihood of causing a crash is high levels of intoxication, which can have many effects on a driver’s ability. Intoxication significantly impairs a driver's distance viewing, peripheral vision, and ability to handle glare, among others. These physical effects of intoxication pose a serious risk on the road.

DUI crashes can take various forms, including:

  • Head-on collisions
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Side-impact crashes
  • Rollover accidents
  • Run-off-road crashes
  • Multi-vehicle pileups

The injuries occasioned by drunk driving crashes are often severe and life-altering. Common injuries include:

The combination of high speeds and impaired reflexes in DUI accidents often leads to fatal injuries. These factors turn what might have been a preventable incident into a tragic loss of life.

What to Do After Being Injured in a Collision With a Drunk Driver

If you have been injured in a drunk driving crash, seek medical attention immediately. This will help address any injuries that may lead to long-term issues if they go untreated. 

Remember that any gaps in your treatment plan may negatively impact your personal injury claim. Insurance adjusters usually scrutinize such lapses, questioning the severity of injuries or suggesting that the victim’s own negligence contributed to the injuries. 

Next, you need to seek legal guidance. A Des Plaines car accident attorney will gather evidence, handle communication with insurance companies, and carry out negotiations on your behalf. They will seek the compensation you need from the drunk driver’s insurer to cover your losses.

Contact a Des Plaines, IL, Car Accident Attorney Today 

If you find yourself facing injuries due to drunk driving, be sure to seek the assistance of an attorney without delay. We will provide invaluable support in navigating the personal injury claims associated with drunk driving cases. Your advocate will work diligently to safeguard your rights and help you achieve a favorable recovery that covers your losses. Contact us today to consult a Glenview, IL, car accident lawyer


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