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Case Results

$90,000 – Garage Door Accident

A woman was injured when she manually opened a commercial garage door that failed and unexpectedly crashed to the floor jarring her left arm. Due to the failure of the door, she suffered a full thickness tear of rotator cuff in her left shoulder. The defendant contended that it had no notice that the door was defective prior to its failure.

$350,000 – Attorney Malpractice and Employment Discrimination

A disabled man was discriminated against by a state university when it refused to interview him for an open foreman position. The university claimed that the man was unable to perform the essential functions of the open foreman job and refused to interview him. The plaintiff’s original attorney failed to file the discrimination lawsuit before the statute of limitations resulting in legal malpractice.

Insurance Policy Limits – Car Accident

A woman was in a hit-and-run rollover car accident on an expressway. She suffered a permanent eye injury, a neck sprain and post-traumatic stress disorder. The woman’s insurance company paid the uninsured limits of her policy because the responsible driver fled the scene of the accident.

$50,000 – Pedestrian and Auto Accident

A woman was crossing the street within the intersection when a man making a left-hand turn struck her with his car and knocked her to the ground. She suffered a fractured left wrist in two places and made an excellent recovery.

Confidential – Employment Discrimination

A man in his 40s was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently fired by his employer despite an excellent track record and the ability to perform his job while seeking treatment. Plaintiff maintained that he was discriminated against because of his cancer diagnosis in violation of the Illinois Human Rights Act.

$500,000 – Hit and Run Accident

A married man with no children in his late 20s was riding his bicycle on a country road when he was struck and killed by a pick-up truck. The man driving the pick-up truck fled the scene but was later apprehended. The defendant driver’s insurance company settled the case for its policy limits.

$35,000 – Dog Bite

A man in his 60s was raking his leaves in his front yard when attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull. The man was bitten by the pit bull in his left-hand and both legs.

$1.2 million – Auto Accident

A woman in her 30s was a passenger in a vehicle struck by another driver who crossed the center lane on a two-lane road. As a result of the accident the woman suffered severe orthopedic injuries to both legs and her arm resulting in emergency surgery.

$500,000 – Construction Accident

A union carpenter injured his back when he was standing on top of a second-floor interior wall while laying out trusses and was struck in the back by a bundle of plywood when the crane's left outrigger sank into the soft and muddy ground.

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