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Compensation for Restaurant Burn Injury Victims

 Posted on January 25, 2018 in Blog Post

Illinois injury lawyerBetween the hours of noon and 7 p.m., few places in a metropolitan area are more bustling than popular restaurants. Hosts conduct the endless jigsaw puzzle of expeditiously seating parties eager to dine and return to work in the time allotted by employers. Servers race around from table to table, taking orders, delivering food and beverages, and bussing tables to make room for the next in line. And the cooks in the kitchen line grills and prep stations with ingredients and tools. Most of the time, a popular restaurant is the definition of a “well-oiled machine,” with the relationship between patrons and staff being a harmonious one. This is precisely how a restaurant becomes popular and stays in business, turning patrons into “regulars.”

Sometimes, however, food service goes awry and a patron is injured by a spilled scalding hot beverage or tray of plates containing fresh-off-the-grill items. Besides the interruption of an otherwise clockwork-like day, restaurant-related injuries, such as burns, can be severe. When this happens – when you have suffered an injury in a restaurant – an experienced Park Ridge personal injury attorney will work to obtain compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Burn Injuries May Require Surgery and Physical Rehabilitation

If you have ever been scalded by a spilled cup of piping hot coffee or water boiled for tea, you know the instantaneous flash of pain that occurs when the liquid sears your skin. This sensation and the damage inflicted is the very reason why cups at chain coffee shops and restaurant contain visible temperature-related warnings.

In a restaurant, however, you trust your server and other stuff to safely deliver food and beverages to your table without incident – especially when it comes to especially hot items, such as coffee, sizzling fajitas, or deep dish pizza served in the still-hot pan in which it was cooked. When an incident does occur and you the patron sustain burn injuries, the consequences may be serious, with the burn requiring extensive medical treatment, including surgery, a skin graft, and physical rehabilitation.

Holding a Restaurant Liable for Injuries Suffered

Restaurants, like all business, owe patrons a special duty of care. When this duty of safekeeping has been breached and injuries result, you may rightfully seek compensation for your injuries and other losses. An experienced Park Ridge personal injury attorney will work to obtain compensation, not just for your medical bills, but also your pain and suffering, lost income due to missed work, and any short or long-term disabilities that arise from your injuries.




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