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Premises Liability and Inadequate Security Cases

 Posted on December 17, 2018 in Blog Post

IL accident lawyerBeing safe or worrying about your safety is not something that often crosses our minds. Most of the time, we just assume we will be safe when we go to a store or stay in a hotel. There is an infamous saying about assuming -- mainly, that you should not do it. But by law, business has a responsibility to reasonably prevent accidents or crimes from occurring on their property. This is known as premises liability and is the responsibility of the owner or operator of an establishment. By law, we should be able to assume that we will be safe when we are walking through a parking lot or when we are shopping at a store. Premises liability cases can be complex, especially when dealing with negligent or inadequate security cases.

Examples of Negligent or Inadequate Security

When it comes to premises liability, the laws can be complex because there is so much that is left up to interpretation. The general consensus is that business owners have a responsibility to keep their premises safe for you. Examples of negligent or inadequate security include:

  • Insufficient lighting in hallways, parking garages, parking lots or stairways;
  • Lack of security cameras;
  • Broken locks or locking devices, such as key locks in a hotel;
  • Insufficient security guards or staff;
  • Insufficient visitor screening for establishments like hospitals or schools; and
  • Hiring or keeping employees with violent backgrounds.

Obviously, certain places will be more likely to experience crime or accidents when there is inadequate security. Typically places that are popular or that host a high volume of people are more likely to suffer from inadequate security claims. These types of establishments include:

  • Clubs or bars;
  • Malls, movie theaters or restaurants;
  • Apartment complexes or buildings;
  • Schools or daycares facilities; and
  • Hospitals or nursing homes.

Inadequate Security and the Burden of Proof

Like all premises liability claims, if you are making a negligent or inadequate security claim, the burden of proof lies with you and your lawyer. Basically, this means that the person who is making the claim must prove that he or she has a case. It also means that the business does not have to prove that it is innocent. The main goal you must accomplish when entering a premises liability case is that the business had a responsibility to take reasonable preventative measures to keep you and others safe and it did not do so.

Have You or a Loved One Been a Victim of Negligent Security? A Park Ridge Premises Liability Lawyer Can Help

Safety is a basic human need. We need to feel safe before we can begin to fulfill our other needs and desires. If we cannot rely on the establishments that we frequent to keep us safe, we cannot live comfortably. It may not seem like a big issue, but security matters are very important when it comes to keeping patrons safe. If you or a loved one have been injured because of the negligent security of an establishment, contact the Quinn Law Group, LLC. Our knowledgeable and compassionate Glenview premises liability attorneys can help you build your case and get you the compensation that you deserve. Contact our office today by calling 847-232-7180 to schedule a free consultation.





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