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The Most Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Illinois

 Posted on August 31, 2023 in Blog Post

Park Ridge, IL personal injury lawyerA very serious issue that deserves attention in the state of Illinois is pedestrian accidents. In 2021, there were over 10,000 pedestrian accidents, resulting in over 200 fatalities. It is important to understand the factors that cause these accidents. This helps increase safety and prevent more accidents from happening in the future.

Many factors can contribute to pedestrian accidents. If you are injured in a pedestrian accident, you should speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Illinois. A good lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and options, and can represent you in a compensation claim.

Being Distracted Behind the Wheel

Drivers who are distracted by their phones, eating, or other activities are more likely to hit pedestrians. Distracted driving is a major cause of pedestrian accidents and continues to be a growing problem in Illinois. Even after Illinois’ anti-texting laws passed in 2012, nearly seven percent of all drivers are still found to use electronic devices while driving.

To help avoid being a victim of a distracted driver, you will want to cross the street at intersections, avoid walking near parked cars, and never use headphones while walking.

Driving While Cognitively Impaired

Impaired driving is another major cause of pedestrian accidents. Individuals driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are also more likely to hit pedestrians. Those with medical conditions that can affect their cognitive abilities, such as seizures or blackouts, should not be behind the wheel. In 2021, impaired driving was a factor in over 1,000 pedestrian accidents, resulting in over 20 fatalities.

There is very little a pedestrian can do to stop an impaired individual from driving on the road. However, you can reduce your chances of an accident by:

  • Remaining visible and wearing bright colored clothing while walking at night

  • Being patient when attempting to cross the street

  • Staying ready and alert in case you are required to take evasive action

Unsafe Road Conditions and Speeding

Pedestrian accidents are also more likely to occur in areas with poor road conditions, such as roads with potholes or uneven surfaces. If you encounter unsafe road conditions, it is important to be extra cautious. Be aware of your surroundings and take extra time to cross the street. If possible, avoid walking in areas with unsafe road conditions altogether.

Drivers who are speeding are less likely to be able to stop in time to avoid hitting a pedestrian. There are a few reasons why speeding can lead to pedestrian accidents:

  • It reduces the amount of time a driver has to react to a pedestrian in the road

  • It makes it more difficult for drivers to stop in time to avoid hitting a pedestrian

  • It can increase the force of impact if a pedestrian is hit, which can lead to more serious injuries or death

Connect with a Glenview, IL Personal Injury Attorney

Pedestrian accidents are not always avoidable. If you have been injured through no fault of your own and plan to seek compensation for your troubles, it is best to consult with a Park Ridge, IL, personal injury attorney right away.

The offices of Quinn Law Group, LLC can provide a compassionate and dedicated representative like Attorney Patrick Quinn to handle your case. With over a decade of experience, he can help you understand the process and ensure you are not taken advantage of by insurance companies with your personal injury claim.

Contact the office at 847-232-7180 and receive a free consultation where Patrick can go over your case and get you started toward receiving max compensation for damages suffered.

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