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Tactics Used By Insurance Companies In Challenging a Car Accident Claim

 Posted on April 24, 2018 in Blog Post

Illinois injury lawyerJust because a company is in the business of insurance does not mean that it has noble motives. A car insurance company is a company just like any other, meaning that its reason for existence is to generate profits for itself and its shareholders. This plain truth should not shock the conscience, as it simply speaks to the nature of doing business in a capitalistic economy such as that of the United States. Rather, this information should function as a “reality check” for car accident victims.

A car insurance company protects profits by working to minimize payouts for car accidents claims. The purpose of this article is to shed light on the payout minimization tactics utilized by car insurers. When they are deployed overly aggressively in the interest of an inadequate payout, the services of an experienced car accident attorney are an asset.

Car Insurance Companies Time Settlement Offers Strategically

The consequences of a car accident may not be immediately apparent. While it is relatively easy to determine the extent of vehicle damage and reach a conclusion as to whether vehicle repair or replacement is the best option, the same is not always true with regard to injuries suffered in an accident. Car accident injuries may be severe and result in the following harms:

  • Broken bones;
  • Concussions;
  • Spinal damage;
  • Burns;
  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Amputations; and
  • Death.

The more severe an accident-related injury, the more likely you are to incur not just one-time medical bills, but the need for ongoing medical treatment, as well as extensive physical rehabilitation. You may lose income as a result of not being able to work while you are recovering, or even be rendered partially or totally incapable of returning to work – especially if your job entails strenuous physical labor.

Car insurance companies, wary of the cost of an indeterminate duration and extent of medical care, may contact you too soon after a car accident – before the full extent of the damage done is known, and pressuring you to accept a quick cash settlement. Or, on the other hand, a car insurance company may use the tactic of delay, withholding a settlement offer while your medical bills and fears mount in order to pressure you to accept whatever offer is ultimately made, even if it is woefully inadequate.

An Experienced Attorney is Impervious to Car Insurance Company Tactics

An experienced Park Ridge car accident attorney knows the above car insurance company tactics and will work to obtain the full compensation you need and deserve for the present and future harms you have sustained as a result of the accident to which your claim relates. When an insurer attempts to rush or stall to get you to accept an inadequate settlement, rely on an experienced attorney.




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