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Proving Liability After a Bar Fight Injury

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IL injury lawyerBar fights can erupt out of nowhere, and for very silly reasons. You may have been injured by others involved in a bar fight without even knowing what the fight was about. It could be that someone took offense to an innocuous comment, or became irrationally angry about being bumped into in a crowded establishment. These chaotic altercations have a way of sucking in bystanders who want nothing to do with the violence. There are no rules in bar fights. Some drunken fighters may see anyone who happens to be in the bar as “fair game.” Combatants may pull out knives or use other weapons - especially broken beer bottles - exponentially increasing the odds of a serious injury. If you were injured in a bar fight that you did not start, you may be able to recover compensation from the person who hurt you, or from the bar itself under Illinois’ Dram Shop laws.

What You Must Prove to Recover Compensation for a Bar Fight

There are two different torts - legal reasons to sue - that often come into play in bar fight litigation. Battery means actually making physical contact with someone in a provoking, insulting, or harmful manner without their consent or legal justification. Assault means causing someone to believe that they are imminently going to be battered. If you have physical injuries, you are probably dealing with a battery, or both battery and assault.

You will also likely need to show that the person who injured you was the aggressor and that your part in the bar fight was simply self-defense. This generally means proving that the other guy started it. It can be difficult in a bar fight to sort out who started what, but there are ways a lawyer can investigate and look for proof.

Some types of evidence that may help your case include:

  • Witness testimony - Witnesses often disagree on who battered who, depending on whose side the witness was on during the fight. Neutral witnesses, who did not know anyone involved in the fight, can provide much more convincing testimony.
  • Police reports - Often, police arrive at a very confusing scene. However, they are sometimes able to develop a good idea of what likely transpired. Police officers’ testimony is often given a lot of weight.
  • Security cameras - Many drinking establishments are equipped with security cameras that may have captured relevant evidence. In some cases, the fight itself happens in clear view of the camera. In others, the person who injured you may be seen outside the bar acting aggressively, suggesting that they were likely to have started the fight.

Bar fight injuries can disrupt your life. Pursuing compensation can help you get back to the position you would have been in if the fight never happened.

Call an Illinois Bar Fight Lawyer

If you were injured in a bar fight that you did not start, Quinn Law Group, LLC may be able to help you recover compensation. Our skilled Park Ridge bar fight attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation to turn up all the evidence we can to support your case. Call 847-232-7180 for a free consultation.





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