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If Your Child Says One of These 5 Things About Daycare, Pay Attention

 Posted on July 28, 2022 in Blog Post

IL injury lawyerLittle kids complain about a lot of things. Small children have very low distress tolerance and can become very upset about things that seem very minor to an adult. A toddler may cry because no one will turn the sun off for them. An early elementary-aged child may come home in tears because they did not get a turn to play on the swings at recess. Some of the complaints your child comes home from daycare with may be rather silly. Others, however, could be quite serious. It is important for a parent to keep their ears open for potential red flags when a child talks about their time in daycare. Children may lack the language and comprehension skills needed to plainly alert you to a safety hazard or an act of abuse. You may need an attorney’s help if your child has been injured or harmed.

Red Flags You Should Never Ignore When Talking to Your Kids

Some children have “the gift of gab” and can ramble endlessly about their day. Others are quieter and only respond to direct questions. Wherever your child falls along that spectrum, it is important to seek more information and take prompt action if your child mentions:

  • Secrets - One thing children should not bring home from daycare is a “secret,” especially if the secret has to do with a “game” they played or is between them and an adult. It could turn out to be harmless, like a surprise Mother's Day gift, but it could also be a sign of sexual abuse.
  • Missing adults - If your child complains that they could not find an adult when they needed one, this is a big issue. It likely indicates that your child is not being adequately supervised or that the daycare does not have enough caregivers for the number of children in its care.
  • Odd punishments - A child who misbehaves may be put in time out, made to sit out a fun activity, or have you spoken to. If your child mentions any type of “creative” or unusual punishment, press for details. Some types of “discipline” amount to physical or emotional abuse. Not being allowed to eat at mealtime, being hit, being yelled at, or being shamed in front of others may rise to the level of abuse.
  • Ignored bullying - Caregivers are responsible for keeping children safe, including from other children. Bullying should be addressed swiftly.
  • Injuries - While accidents happen, if your child often reports that other children are getting hurt, it may be a sign that the daycare is not a safe place.

You know your child best. If they bring up any of these red flags, you should seek more information. If you suspect that your child has been harmed, it may be time to talk to a lawyer.

Speak With an Illinois Daycare Injuries Attorney

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