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Hoffman Estates Personal Injury Attorney

Hoffman Estates Personal Injury Attorney

Skilled Personal Injury Attorneys in Hoffman Estates, IL

Personal injury law provides a legal avenue for individuals and their families to pursue monetary damages after suffering harm in an accident caused by negligent behavior. These types of cases may involve claims against an insurance company or direct claims against the responsible parties, such as individuals and businesses.

If you find yourself involved in any type of personal injury case within Hoffman Estates or the surrounding area, Quinn Law Group, LLC will vigorously represent your case. Attorney Patrick Quinn possesses extensive experience providing his legal services in claims involving medical malpratice, car accidents, construction site accidents, and many more.

Medical Malpractice

Malpractice can come in many forms, including delayed diagnoses, use of defective medical devices, and improper dosages of medications. In these instances, patients suffer from preventable harm due to healthcare providers failing to uphold the expectations of patients and their families. Short-term and long-term consequences can take years to recover from, leaving victims physically and emotionally traumatized. At Quinn Law Group, LLC, we understand what you are going through, and we will be there to guide you through this difficult time.

Construction Accidents

Equipment and machinery utilized on construction sites are typically very large; however, they are also often complicated, and malfunctions can be unpredictable. Without proper training and adequate safeguards for workers' well-being, dangerous predicaments can arise without warning. While construction accidents usually involve workers injured onsite, sometimes bystanders also get injured unintentionally during ongoing construction projects.

Product Liability

Manufacturers must ensure that their products are safe for private and commercial use, however, product imperfections can occur throughout the manufacturing process such as defective packaging and incorrect warning labels. Instead of one unit being affected, this may cause an entire product line to be unusable. Injuries from defective products may include harmful side effects of poorly manufactured medications, lacerations resulting from the use of defective machinery, and additional surgeries caused by damaged medical devices.

Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful death cases can arise from a variety of circumstances. Some of the most prominent types are deaths resulting from car accidents, workplace accidents, slips and falls, or other dangerous circumstances. The right to file a wrongful death claim belongs to the immediate family, such as the spouse or children of the deceased. If there is no surviving spouse or children, then the parents of the deceased may be eligible to file a claim. Siblings may also be eligible to file a claim in certain situations. It is important to consult with an experienced attorney, such as Quinn Law Group, LLC, who can help advise you based on your circumstances.

Car and Truck Accidents

When drivers neglect to follow the rules of the road and drive recklessly, causing harm to others, they may be held responsible for resulting injuries. Both car accidents and truck accidents can lead to varied types of injuries to both drivers and passengers, such as broken ribs, concussions, and lacerations. In the event you have experienced a motor vehicle accident, such as being T-boned or sideswiped, calling a qualified attorney such as Quinn Law Group, LLC will assist in calculating your damages and doing everything possible to help you.

Dangerous Premises

Property owners have a legal responsibility toward visitors to ensure their safety from hazardous conditions. Supermarkets, amusement parks, and other establishments are required to keep their premises safe and free from potential hazards at all times. When properties neglect to maintain a high standard of safety, injuries become more likely. Examples of premises liability include slips and falls, defective stairs, poor lighting, and fires. They can cause severe burns, head trauma, bone fractures, and other long-term consequences.

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Hiring dedicated professionals helps mitigate the stress associated with legal proceedings, and ensures the presentation of thorough evidence while constructing a strong case to achieve favorable outcomes. At Quinn Law Group, LLC, Attorney Patrick Quinn has over 15 years of legal experience, and understands the "tricks of the trade". His knowledge in insurance defense allows him to bring trusted knowledge of how insurance companies work to every case.

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