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Skokie Personal Injury Attorney

Skokie Personal Injury Attorney

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Accidents and injuries affect man people on a daily basis, and they can drastically affect people's lives. Accidents that occur when people or companies fail to take the safety of others into account may be addressed through the legal system. People injured in these situations should understand their rights and the legal remedies that may allow them to recover financial compensation. Personal injury law encompasses a wide range of cases, each with its unique considerations and challenges. At Quinn Law Group, LLC, we tenaciously represent clients in personal injury cases, helping them seek justice.

Attorney Patrick Quinn has a strong track record of success representing people who have experienced personal injuries. He offers personalized attention, aggressive advocacy, and compassionate support to everyone who walks through his doors.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents, truck accidents, and other collisions involving motor vehicles occur frequently in Skokie and the surrounding areas. They can occur due to issues such as distracted driving and texting while driving, other traffic violations such as excessive speeding, drunk driving, and numerous other forms of negligence. Regardless of the cause, victims involved in auto accidents may suffer from serious injuries like broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord injuries, or even fatalities.

In Illinois, victims injured in car, truck, motorcycle, or pedestrian accidents have a right to seek compensation through insurance claims or civil lawsuits against negligent parties. Patrick Quinn has extensive experience handling these matters, and he works to build strong cases on behalf of his clients who have been impacted by careless drivers' actions.

Liability for Defective Products

When we use consumer products, we expect them to be safe for their intended use. Unfortunately, certain products can be defective or dangerous, leading to serious accidents or injuries despite careful usage in which people follow directions or use items as they were intended. In cases involving product liability, parties who could be held responsible include companies that manufactured a product or distributors or sellers who allowed products that were known to be dangerous to be sold to or used by consumers. Parties throughout the distribution chain that have been involved in releasing faulty products into the market may potentially be required to pay compensation to injury victims.

If you have been injured due to a defective product, you may have grounds for filing a claim against all those liable. Mr. Quinn possesses the knowledge to handle complex lawsuits involving multiple types of products, and he can leverage his resources, strategic insight, and extensive experience to provide clients with individualized attention during the entire legal process.

Dangerous Premises

When someone is injured while visiting property owned by another party, including a homeowner, the owner of a store or restaurant, or a company that owns or manages property that is open to the public, they may be able to recover compensation through a Premises liability lawsuit. If an injury was caused by hazards or other conditions that were unsafe, and the property owner or the party in control of the property was aware of these issues and failed to take steps to protect against injuries, they may be required to pay compensation. Product liability cases often involve injuries at commercial establishments like shopping malls, grocery stores, or private residences where visitors were invited either explicitly or implicitly.

If you have experienced a slip and fall due to wet or slick floors, a dog bite in which you did not provoke the animal, or other forms of harm caused by a lack of maintenance, a failure to repair hazards, or inadequate warnings about potential safety issues, the responsible party may be held liable for your injuries.

We understand that navigating premises liability cases requires a comprehensive understanding of the law. Attorney Patrick Quinn has successfully represented numerous clients injured due to dangerous conditions on someone else's property. Let his experience work for you.

Medical Malpractice

When doctors, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists, or other medical professionals make mistakes or fail to properly address patients' needs, this can lead to severe physical or emotional injuries. Medical malpractice lawsuits may address harm caused due to issues such as misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, errors committed during surgical operations, errors in prescribing or dispensing medications, or birth injuries that can affect either children or mothers, as well as any other injuries that result from the negligence of medical providers.

In Illinois, victims of medical malpractice have the right to pursue legal action against negligent healthcare professionals or institutions responsible for their injuries or any other damages caused by substandard care. At Quinn Law Group, LLC, we have an unmatched depth of knowledge in handling complex medical malpractice cases, and we will provide exceptional representation while fighting tirelessly for our clients' rights.

Construction Site Accidents

The construction industry is known for high rates of injuries among workers. Working around heavy machinery, on tall structures, and in situations where there may not be adequate protections puts people at risk of being injured, especially when others fail to follow the proper safety procedures. Construction accidents may include falls from heights, electrocutions, falling objects or equipment, collisions with construction equipment, collapsing trenches, or faulty tools and machinery.

Attorney Patrick Quinn can guide you throughout the process of pursuing compensation following an injury at a construction site. He will identify the parties who were responsible, document the extent of your injuries, and fight to ensure that you can will have the resources you need to recover and address any disabilities that have been caused by a construction accident.

Wrongful Death Cases

The death of a loved one can be emotionally devastating. Alongside immense grief, families must also navigate practical considerations such as funeral expenses, medical bills, and the loss of income and benefits. If a person died because of the negligence of a driver, product manufacturer, property owner, medical provider, or any other party, a family will need to understand what they can do to address their loss, avoid financial difficulties, and achieve justice for the wrong that has occurred. Attorney Patrick Quinn understands the complexity involved in wrongful death claims. He will fight vigorously on behalf of survivors to ensure they receive sympathetic support and the highest degree of professional skills while seeking damages for their irreparable loss.

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