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Aurora Personal Injury Attorney

Aurora Personal Injury Attorney

Trusted Aurora Personal Injury Representation Protecting Your Rights

If you have been injured it is important to contact a qualified personal injury attorney right away. At Quinn Law Group, LLC, Attorney Patrick Quinn is committed to helping you through this difficult time and getting you the results you deserve.

We understand that dealing with the aftermath of an accident or incident can keep you from work and put financial strain on your family. That is why we are here to fight for your well-being. Attorney Quinn will thoroughly review your case, gather evidence, consult with experts if necessary, and build a compelling case that presents a strong argument.

Dangerous Premises Cases

Premises liability refers to cases where an individual is injured on someone else's property due to dangerous circumstances that should have been addressed by the property owner or manager. Broken stairways, ceiling collapses, unsecured flooring, and poorly lit areas can cause severe injuries. The team at Quinn Law Group, LLC has a proven track record of representing clients in all types of premise liability claims and will fight on your behalf to obtain the results you deserve.

Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice claims require a thorough investigation into medical records and expert testimony proving deviations from protocols. The experienced team at Quinn Law Group, LLC has the knowledge and proven track record of representing clients in these complex cases. We will hold healthcare professionals accountable and will work to get you the financial compensation you deserve.

Accidents Involving Automobiles

It is very common for motor vehicle accidents to result in severe injuries and even fatalities. Over 60,000 individuals are injured and over 800 fatalities happen on Illinois roads every year. Concussions, burns, cuts, fractures, and head injuries are the common result of accidents on the road, leaving lifelong physical and emotional scars. At Quinn Law Group, LLC, we believe that those injured in car accidents deserve proper compensation for their damages. We handle every case with compassion and skilled guidance and will do everything in our power to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Construction Accidents

In the United States, approximately 150,000 construction site-related injuries are reported every year. As a result of dangerous job site conditions and heavy machinery usage, construction workers are susceptible to injuries such as lacerations, heat stroke, and spinal cord injuries. Many of these incidents could have been prevented by something as simple as proper training. Quinn Law Group, LLC has a proven track record of representing victims injured on construction sites, and will seek maximum monetary damages as you recover from your injuries.

Unsafe Product Claims

Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, or retailers involved in the chain of production may be at fault for injuries suffered by those consuming or otherwise using their products. Some of the most common factors leading to product liability claims include:

  • Dangerous machinery missing safeguards needed to keep users out of harm's way, including products such as snowmobiles and lawnmowers.
  • Products whose defects originated in the initial design, including cars designed with a high likelihood of rolling over.
  • Merchandise that features insufficient or incorrect warning labels or assembly instructions.

Wrongful Death Cases

Workplace accidents, medical malpractice, and car crashes are a few examples of tragic events that can lead to a wrongful death claim. Often, these claims involve demonstrating that there was a breach of duty resulting in fatal consequences that could have been prevented if reasonable care had been exercised by the at-fault party. If you have lost an immediate family member due to wrongful death, Quinn Law Group, LLC is here to help.

Contact Our Aurora Personal Injury Attorney

If you are seeking experienced representation for your injury case, Attorney Patrick Quinn has successfully handled many personal injury cases throughout Illinois.

When working with him, you can expect personalized attention and support throughout the legal process. He will provide strategic guidance, handle negotiations with insurance companies or opposing parties on your behalf, and prepare to take your case to trial if needed.

Contact Quinn Law Group, LLC today at 847-232-7180 or visit our Contact Us page to schedule a free consultation.

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